Really, Really, poor planning

And an overwhelmingly great lack of foresight will often lead to your death.

As in this instance:

Russian woman jumps into hole in ice in river to mark Epiphany is swept away beneath ice by current. Body not found. 

At night too, to add to the list of screwups.

No safety line, in a high current, Plus farging cold water. Those who have ice dived are shuddering at the list of failures in planning and execution. You’d think people would be smarter….

One can only hope unconsciousness was quick due to the cold. I doubt drowning in an ice cold dark river is high on the “Best ways to die” list.

2 thoughts on “Really, Really, poor planning

  1. It looked like she “banana”ed in rather than a straight stick downward.

    The banana took her feet in the direction of the current.

    Yeah. Bad planning.

    Probably went straight to heaven given that it was a religious ceremony. Sucks for her kids, though.

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