Have you noticed?

I mean, much of the Left often said that Trump was Putin’s “puppet”….

But if one takes a logical look  (I knw, expecting logic from Liberal Leftists….) at the actions of both Barry Obama and Joe Biden as well as Donald Trump when it comes to foreign policy , one would have to realistically believe that both Obama and Biden are working for (or at least WITH) Putin to further Russia’s plans, rather than thwart them….

One almost could make a case for Projection…

2 thoughts on “Have you noticed?

  1. that wouldn’t really be a bad thing. yeah sure, ol vlad is a bad dude but his country is a reborn christian western style one with values much like we had a couple decades ago. vlad had wished to reunite with us, after hillary was out, so both countries could prosper at china’s expense. the dims made that impossible so now here we are on the verge of nuclear war, with the dims stumbling blindly into it having no idea what they are doing, all to protect their cash cow ukraine. its madness.

  2. Yep, projection IS the right word… sigh Now it is reality!

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