I wonder

How many of the folks who are waiting in long lines for PCR tests for Covid actually have symptoms or a reason to believe that they might actually, you know, NEED a test?

I passed 4 different places that were offering tests today, and each had over a hundred cars waiting….I would estimate that the wait time was in excess of two hours….

Those folks weren’t in line for testing 2 weeks ago, in fact, the county nearly shut down the test sites because there weren’t any customers….


These folk do realize that taking a test does not prevent the disease, right? And that getting a negative test today don’t mean that they won’t get it tomorrow, right?

ETA: I did not care enough to check to see how many of these folks waiting were wearing a mask while alone in their car…..

7 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. Yep, they/ve spread the fear of Omicron, as mild as it is, so much that people are jamming testing lines here when they have no symptoms for fear they have it, which is ridiculous.

  2. I had a flu several times in my life. I never needed a test to tell me I had it.

  3. they need tests for work, if they don’t get the vax. jus sayin.

  4. It’s just like the government (at least this version) to mandate something that really doesn’t make sense. My youngest daughter traveled to Canada over the Christmas holidays to visit the boyfriend’s parents. She had to take a PCR test 3 days before her flight, she had trouble but eventually took the test 2 days prior to departure. At the airport, security checked for the PCR test, she provided documentation; the results were not available, didn’t matter, just so she took the test. She eventually received her test results (negative) 4 days later. I wonder where our government is purchasing the tests from? Follow the money……

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