Covid kwestion (part whatever)

Since they are telling us that the current Covid case count is greater than ever before…..

And yet we are leaving schools open, and letting go of such things as mask mandates and other “precautions”. Resuming elective procedures at hospitals…that sort of thing.


Why? Why not, if the Cases and Hospitalizations are at record highs are we not returning to the lockdowns and other precautions like 2020? (not that they worked, mind you, but Fauci and the CDC assured us that they were working and have never admitted that they were wrong about most things Covid)…


Which is t? If “cases are at an all time high” then why are we easing restrictions….


Someone please explain the discrepancy

8 thoughts on “Covid kwestion (part whatever)

  1. omicron. its weak. nobody is dying of it, few die with it. vax doesn’t stop it. my question is why are ny, dc, and others still pushing vax mandates/passports? only one answer there.

    • now the problem comes in. the population has lost all trust in “health officials” and are sick of it all. what happens if, as i predict, china drops the next designer plague on us. they have one called nipah that kills 30 to 70 percent. we’ll refuse to take precautions, the vax weakened our immunity, and it’ll wipe us nearly out. presto, china wins. and we didn’t even know we were at war. sun tzu strikes again.

  2. Your answer: There’s a (D) in the Oval office now, so no need to bring the economy to a screeching halt.

    Also we know lockdowns don’t work for this, we knew it then too, but the panicked Dems got the better of us and locked down the country anyways – much to our detriment.

    • i would agree, but i don’t think they have the cognitive ability to recognize the threat.

  3. It doesn’t look like hospitalizations are up. Lots of out-patient care, unclear whether because Omicron is less serious or because treatment is getting better.

    • According to the Chicago Media, they are up…in fact, we are about to have oue hospitals “Overwhelmed”.

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