2 thoughts on “What we already suspected

  1. It is still a hypothesis, but did anyone expect the corrupt ‘old-boy” system that is Chinese Communism to be able to operate a high tech viral research lab any better than Flint was able to provide safe water or East Saint Louis (Illinois) was to operate a sewer system? The big “tell” was China shutting down internal transportation to control COVID-19 while maintaining international transport to make sure that this newest plague got to the West. Lab/Schmab.

    China has been producing plague-class diseases for over a millenium. Recently China had SARS-cov-1, the chicken plague and the pig “ebola”. The warm rice paddies of southern China are where the farm animals, the wild animals, and a billion plus humans all eat, drink and crap together. If a bug was going to jump species, that is where it was going to be. The RNA Corona virus group are a fast mutating unstable critters. South China is where the action is. A lab leak is the least of our worries.

  2. Lemme find my surprised face, I have it around here somewhere…

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