So all these people who have chosen not to work…..

Just how are they feeding themselves and their families?

It seems that only a year or two ago, these folks were doing whatever they could to earn a buck, often working two or more part time jobs if that is what it took to keep the family fed, the roof over their heads and the lights on.


Now we have millions out of work….by choice.

Just how are they feeding and housing themselves and/or their families? Who is paying their bills?

I was under the impression that most Covid economic aid had expired or otherwise ended. SO where is their money coming from?

3 thoughts on “Question:

  1. They learned what the illegals already knew; stay destitute on paper, and you’ll get everything handed to you; food, shelter, utilities, medical, dental, college for your kids, the whole shebang. Work under the table, tax free, and let the taxpayers foot the bill for everything. TPTB are turning a blind eye to this, as they want to get their hooks into as many people as they can. Once this is done, TPTB will be TPTB forever…

  2. i had to quit or take the poison jab, this after working every day of the “covid emergency” as so called essential personnel. now i live off my small military pension, which they will come after next year, and i sold my new truck back to them for more than i paid for it. at the current rate i’ll be out of money mid 2022, but unemployable due to no jab. and to think i served 29 years to preserve and protect freedom….

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