Battlespace Preparation:

I think the DNC types are gonna do their best to purge the more strident and Unwilling-to-Compromise RNC affiliated Senate and House members..

The reason I think that is because in my YouTube Feed I have twice gotten an ad featuring chuck Schumer telling me that I should read some report that will show that “Some members of our legislative bodies “MAY” have collaborated with the Jan 6th “Insurrectionists”.”


Bet on it, they are gonna try and charge them with Treason or a similar crime….Much like their attempt to get Trump blamed for that mess, they are now gonna go after the legislative¬† folks with a spine who won’t knuckle under to the DNC types.

Bet on it.


7 thoughts on “Battlespace Preparation:

  1. You realize at some point the only way to get rid of these commie fuckers is the same way we here in America have gotten rid of commie fuckers in the past.
    THERE’S your Constitutional mandate.

  2. if and that’s a BIG if, the demonrats take that road, its gonna be a political bloodbath. You think the demons are clean? no, if the point a finger, there are thee posted back. if will be fun and I think the citizens will finally realize what stinks in the garbage.

  3. Of the Conservatives were smart (asking alot here). They all should have a PACE (at least 4 alternate plans) plan to vacate to their home states. Also, have said home states ready to deny any extradition to federal custody. Then, follow up as appropriate. But prevent the arrests. Then we can visibly see who is who and remove members who may be fence sitters. RINOs, sleaze, and the self important. Then get down to business of fixing it.
    The Dodge and weave is a horrid defensive delaying action. But used correctly to gather the team it is prudent as long as the situation is exploited for it’s full potential.

    This would require the push to chatge a apprehend the other side that is creating the mess. All.of them at once. Prevent their planning, destroying evidence. Collusion, etc. They we will find the proof. But we much lock them down to get the evidence and bring it to light. Stop playing gentlemanly. It is just an excuse to not want to get it done and lack intestinal fortitude to see it through. If thats you, make way for those who can.

  4. nah, legal charges mean visibility. they don’t want that at any cost. they’d rather do the disinformation blitz, and will. but from what i can see, more folks ar figuring out they have been fooled every day and they are getting pissed about it.

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