And a full recovery

Not that there was much to recover from, mind you.

A healthy young woman, with no other medical issues (obesity, diabetes, other comorbidities), gets Covid….Has a slight fever and the sniffles and a sore throat.

And 10 days later, is symptom free and tests negative and is pronounced cured….and cleared to return to work.


Funny though….if it were not for the fact that Covid was so much in the public eye she’d have treated it as a common cold.

She looks at this as a blessing as she wasn’t terribly comfortable with the whole Covid Shot thing anyway….so now she doesn’t need the Jab to work as a commercial pilot.

In other words, Much Ado about Nothing since she was healthy to start with….

2 thoughts on “And a full recovery

  1. Don’t be so sure. Corona is a nasty bit of work and antibodies are antibodies. There may be long term problems. Talk to a physician. Verify Vitamin D(3) levels [helps control inflammation and thus tissue damage.] Consider an anti-clotting medication [even Aspirin]. Lots of pilots seem to have run into trouble. I’d look at people who sit without moving, for long periods. This is all speculation but deo the simple things to reduce risk.

  2. I will inform her of your points.

    Having said that, she is cleared to return to work, both by her personal physician (who is VERY well informed when it comes to Covid) and the company Doctor as well. As she is young, healthy and has none of the issues most people who have trouble with Covid generally have, I would doubt that she has issues.
    Time will tell.

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