Looks like murder to me:

SO three dudes tried to play Police Officer in Brunswick Georgia.

They attempted to detain a person. Who declined the honor and instead attempted to flee.

The clusterfuck ended up with Ahmaud Arbery dead.

Testimony by the defendant is that Arbery never threatened him. 

So that seems to me to be an open and shut case of Murder. Plain and simple.

No threat, no reason to shoot. No matter what.

One cannot play Cop when one is not a police officer.

7 thoughts on “Looks like murder to me:

  1. And he apparently incriminated himself on the stand today…

  2. I agree. I saw the original video before the media started blurring out the actual shooting. The shooter’s going to jail over this, and should. And yes, I’m white…

  3. As I recall, Arbery charged a man holding a shotgun, and attempted to grab the firearm. Whether the individual had the right to effect an “arest” or not, grabbing someone’s firearm is a pretty good way to get shot. Grabbing a firearm is an “attack” and a “threat”. Bad tactics, all the way around, but still “self defense”.

    I’ve chuckled about that instance since a while ago I wandered into some new construction after hours, that looked to me like a “fire trap”. I heard a noise and discovered a contractor, clearly carrying a concealed firearm, who had come back to check on his tools and materials. We had a good conversation about modern building codes, fire-stops, modern materials, and building on “speculation”. I didn’t charge him and he didn’t shoot me. We both went on our way.

    Arbery forced a situation into an asault when he charged the armed individual. Bad move.

    • Bullshit. He left and was followed and confronted.

      You can check the testimony of the people charged. Even they say he tried to leave.
      You can have your own version of reality, just not here in my comment section.

      • You are the last one I thought would virtue signal. Bullshit yourself. Mike-smo said the jogger grabbed the rifle. He’s right. That’s what the testimony was. Mike didn’t say it was the right decision to chase after the jogger. You are the one creating his own version of reality. That colors negatively anything you have posted or will post. Don’t be such a woke pussy. It’s not a good look.

        • Yer welcome to go elsewhere since you think I am a pussy. Or find me and say it to my face.
          No virtue signaling. I call ’em like I see ’em, no matter what color the perpetrators or victims are. Murder is murder. Apparently you see things differently based on race. I don’t.
          Arbery grabbed the shotgun after he was threatened with it….likely because he was afraid he was gonna be shot (we don’t know what he was thinking ’cause he is dead)….he was threatened with a firearm without reason.
          He didn’t go for the gun at the start….in fact, he tried to leave. Try looking at the testimony. He is as innocent as RIttenhouse.

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