I find it interesting:

The double standards of those folks on the Left who think that Kyle Rittenhouse was a “Vigilante” and had no right to be on the streets but the protesters (“Mostly Peaceful!”) had every right to be there.

That he had no right to defend himself, but after the first shot after being attacked, every single one of his “Victims” did have the right to attack him in the attempt to defend themselves….even as he was running away.

That the protesters (“Mostly Peaceful!” ones) had the right to loot and destroy property and attack people……and, while they weren’t “Part of the Community” their actions in protest (fires, property destruction) were acceptable, but Kyle “Was not a part of the Community” and had no right to help defend the neighborhood.

That putting out the fire was a “Provocative Act” but chasing him and attacking him in anger when he wasn’t a threat was not.

That Kyle would have been better served to not have been there (they are correct) but the protesters DID have the right and reason to be there and were simply innocent bystanders and their presence was acceptable….that they were innocent and their presence did not contribute to the mess. The failure to realize that the protesters would also have been better served to stay home as well….(that is different because Shut Up).

That Kyle, who was attacked (as the video evidence shows) was the cause of the incident, and not the folks who attacked him. That his mere presence was the root cause of the incident, not the riots themselves or the attacks on his person.


One wonders how their thought processes work.


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