Tech Bleg:

Does anyone know of a USB power bank that will allow charge through?


In other words, one that will allow you to charge a device while the power bank is plugged in and charging?

Most will do either charging of a device or charging of the power bank, but not both at the same time.

I’d like to have one for my ForeFlight Ipad in the 340. That way I could plug the battery bank into the plane, and the Ipad into it and keep both charged and have backup if the charging port goes wonky..

11 thoughts on “Tech Bleg:

  1. I’ll start checking around and see, maybe Sporty’s tech people will know. Let me know if you find out one that can do that.

  2. You can buy a cigarette lighter charger that has two USB ports on it. Cost $10 or so. It is what I use in my plane.

    • I have one of those. I just want some additional backup.

      Besides, my lighter is 28V and most of those adapters don’t last that long at that voltage…which is why I want the power bank for when they die.

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