Some truth here

(not to be flippant…a person is dead because of negligent firearm handling)


3 thoughts on “Some truth here

  1. Yeowch, that’s gonna leave a mark!

    Still awaiting more info but this is beginning to sound like a massive clusterfisk and carelessness.

  2. The same perspective can be applied to the baseball game shooting several years ago, and every other ND over the last 40 years that is being used to remove the 2A

  3. Doesn’t sound like a ND. I’d guess by the injuries that the firearm wasn’t properly maintained or there was an over loaded “blank”. In “movies” the actor (talent) is part of the scenery. A “propman” (Property Man) would have been responsible for maintaining the firearm and preparing the ammunition for the amount of flash, smoke, and muzzle blast that was called for in the shot. Since a cinematographer died and the director was nicked, I guess that they were going for a “dramatic” close up when the metal bits began to fly. First guess, the propman screwed up.

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