Why would Mr Baldwin discharge the “Prop” firearm at the director/cinematographer? She was not an actor, therefore no reason to point the gun at her, much less pull the trigger.

Prop or not, why did he fire the gun at her chest?  (and why was there a cartridge powerful enough to go through the first person and injure the second person behind her on the set at all?)

Strange things here.  Something doesn’t add up.

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  1. Ego??? I know better than anyone else? He HAS exhibited that behavior before.

  2. Ego is a good explanation.

    Mr. Baldwin was the “Producer” and apparently didn’t like people telling him what to do. Curiosly, the woman he pointed a pistol at and shot had been complaining about safety issues. He showed her.

  3. actually she was a supporting actress as well and alec was the producer. low budget flick in the extreme. low budget armorer too, who had already made multiple errors on set. get what you pay for. look up brandon lee death.

  4. Maybe Greg Gutfeld on the 5 on Fox said it’s been reported that there was a fragment left behind from the first blank and when he pulled the trigger it’s what actually killed her not “the blank”. But of course that doesn’t answer why he was even pointing it at her and pulling the trigger. I would bet big money that Baldwin has never had one iota of any gun safety training in his life.

  5. He was screwing her and was going to tell his wife.

  6. Not a real Baldwin fan, but I put the blame on the armorer, not on Baldwin. The reason that they hire an expert gun wrangler is to prevent those ND’s from happening.
    Even if I, as just a gun owner, were hired to supervise the set of a movie, you can bet your sweet aunt Heidi that I would run one tight ship, and not let these sort of things happen. Any issues or complaints by the actors/directors/staff would be met with either my winning the argument or me walking.
    I have seen reports that the gun was used for target practice by the crew during down time. No way in the world would that happen. All guns would be locked up, no matter if it were a prop gun, or a real gun. Period. and the gun would only be handed to the actor when actual filming or need for a run through called for it. And of course, all people handling a gun would be forced to understand safe handling practices, as much as possible. To expect an actor to unload and reload a single action firearm is simply not going to happen on a movie set, when time really is money. That is the whole reason that they pay someone to be responsible for that.

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