I’ll believe it is a crisis when they start acting like it is a crisis

I mean, really. Travelers coming into the US via plane or boat (at actual CBP Points of Entry) have to show all sorts of documentation in order to enter the US. Generally  having to provide proof of vaccination or a least a negative covid test

And yet, none of those 12,000 “Hatian” people who illegally entered the United States and were given some form of asylum have been tested…nor are they being required to show any proof of either a negative test nor vaccination.

Yet these folks have been spread out across the US, left to mingle with ordinary Americans, in many geographical locations….Do they Have Covid? I don’t know, and neither does our government. Are they a danger to US citizens? I don’t know one way or the other and neither do you.

Yet one has to ask…if the Federal Government felt the need to require testing and vaccination for so many American citizens that it pushed a mandate for vaccination on employees of businesses with over 100 employees¬† (except, of course for the Postal Service and members of Congress and a few other special groups) then why not for these migrants? Why not at least a negative covid test before being released into the wild across the United States?

Is there a crisis, or is there not a crisis? Is testing and mandated vaccination worthwhile or isn’t it? If so, then why aren’t these folks being tested and inoculated at least to the level that is required of many Americans?