Have ya noticed???

The stadiums are full of people watching football on Sunday….As was the (rained out) NASCAR race….Yet we are told that the pandemic is getting worse (because of the unvaccinated!!) despite the fact that nearly 70% (once the benchmark for “Herd Immunity”) of the country has been “Vaccinated”…..

Odd, that, doncha think? One might have thought that if the number of cases was “Skyrocketing” to the point that “Hospitals are overwhelmed” as the Media keeps telling us that the folks doing public health might have taken steps to stop such gatherings for fear of making the “Pandemic” even worse……

And why when hospitals are “Overwhelmed with Covid Patients” would those same hospitals be firing staff? Nurses and Doctors and such…when they are “Overwhelmed” ?  Strange, innit?

Something stinks here. The message does not meet reality…..Methinks someone is lying.

ETA: Perhaps the goal is this:

2 thoughts on “Have ya noticed???

  1. Oh! Who would lie?

    I suspect that the “loyal” people “just doing their jobs” were not to interested in tangling with crowds of that size. 10 on one little MFer at some dinky restaurant is more their speed. The labor “rush” in OZ was almost chearful. But the gubbmint thugs saw how close they were to Aussie-Rules helmet soccer. Or is that rugby?

    For the rematch, Team “We Waz OnLee Following Orders” will bring shields and “Commie Spray” and Team Labor (Labour) will bring cricket bats, in case there is a surprise “pick-up” game. Once that starts, the pension will not be enough.

  2. It is a trick question. Remember that the “Worthies” and their “Traitorous Supporters” don’t go to the routine “animal hospitals”. The “Worthies” don’t give a sh*t what happens to you as long as they get the “bestest”. If 1% of the drugs, facilities an/or staff survive, THEY get it. You gunna die.

    That is why they go to “Parties” and “Fund Raisers” without face diapers, while you are supposed to try and suck a whif of oxygen through snot-soaked face rags.

    I give the magical shots credit as a “wartime” stuff job, like the floating (sic) DD Sherman tanks that were a good idea but which are still snagging fishing gear off Omaha Beach. The VAXX was a “good idea” that might have saved the productive middle age population from the horrendous Fauci-Chink Flu. Now the side effects and the poor effectiveness are just another Cuomo tool of terror that mostly kills the expensive (elderly, diabetic, transplant recipients and the Obese) who would be a burden on the New Republic. Last time they were called Kulaks (~”Tight Fists”). What’cha think you will be called this time?

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