I fully expect riots

Seeing as how a BLACK police officer shot a young white woman….as she fled.

I mean, were the races reversed, we’d see riots, burning and looting and lots of other property destruction, right? If it was a white cop and a black person then that sort of behavior would be acceptable….And the Media would fan the flames.


Yet here we have a black officer who shot a white girl…and there is no media hype, no protests in the streets, no jumping to conclusions, no assumption of anything…white people are not rioting in the streets, not fighting cops, not burning entire neighborhoods. (and the video makes it look like a bad shoot, but we don’t have all the details)

Note: I am not jumping to conclusions here, I don’t know what happened before the video clip starts, and I don’t know all the details: perhaps the cop had a good reason for the shooting……But neither did we have any of the details of the other shootings of back people by white cops that were sensationalized by the media just before the election that led to those BLM riots and such…..

I think that whites should riot in the streets over this like the black people did over the shootings of those criminals in 2019 and 2020. But we won’t.

One thought on “I fully expect riots

  1. After Ashli Babbitt [ say her name ] this will be commonplace in America . The question is will whitey do anything about it ? You hit that nail on the head . I’m getting mighty tired of living in a stolen dictatorship . “There might be snow on the mountain but there is still fire in the furnace ! ” Ory Packer of rural Kenton Ohio . The Old Man was a mentor and like a Father to me . He said that quote to a young sassy fella just before he grabbed him and broke his wrist with just a handshake . I called him Sir Ory . He walked on water .

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