And yet the government sees nothing wrong here

11 million job openings, yet the economy only was able to gain a few hundred thousand jobs….

This tells us that either the aid packages are too large (or are no longer needed at all) or that the people applying for those jobs (if they are applying, that is) are ineligible for those jobs….in other words there are not enough skilled people….Welders and carpenters heavy equipment operators and machinists and such all need training….and, of course, for many people, a blood or hair test for drugs will show them ineligible for skilled employment. (we won’t talk about the idiocy of the “mandate” that does not really legally exist)

And at the other end, the “unskilled” jobs market, the federal and state handouts make working at those jobs illogical, when one can do nothing and make the equivalent of $15 or more just in handouts.


There is something wrong with a government system that encourages people not to work.

2 thoughts on “And yet the government sees nothing wrong here

  1. Government has create the condition where government is directly competing with employers. Employers would go bankrupt if trying to entice workers with fat paychecks. Even then they may not get what they need.

    The stories abound of how employers are woefully understaffed. I cannot believe that so many prospective employees are ineligible because they cannot pass a drug test.
    Employer’s direct competition is the government as government increasingly appeals to people’s natural laziness. Gone too is the stigma of being a layabout.

    However, remember it is not a nameless, faceless monolith by the name, ‘government’. It is precisely those persons within the government. It is they who have names and faces and it is they who must be dealt with.

  2. ‘government sees nothing wrong here’

    Well, it is how you measure it. By the government’s standard, this pogrom is amazingly successful. Why would one think something is wrong with something so successful. They are creating an expanded dependency on government.

    Yet it is terribly shortsighted of those who can but won’t seek employment. They are not paying into SS. So what, the government will provide cradle to grave. It might be meager subsistence but hey, it affords the ability to sleep all day and do drugs and mayhem at night. But what happens – it is only a matter of time – when the government wants that money back or says, you must do as we say even if it violates your conscience or we will cut off the welfare? Shame is being bred out of the people.

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