It’s funny how the Brits, and the French, and nearly every other country with a military presence in Afghanistan can find a way to get to and rescue their citizens in the country (and this pisses the US forces off), despite having gotten little or no notice from the US about the timing of the failure collapse.

And yet we have General Miley (while wearing Ranger tabs) telling us he isn’t sure that the US can secure the airport? (isn’t that an excellent mission tailor made for the Rangers? ) and that people in the country are on their own?

This is a failure by the US on many levels….


Now, make no mistake: If you were an American working  in Afghanistan, or a citizen of Afghanistan who worked with the US, and you had not gotten out or at least made plans to get out quickly once Biden was elected, then you are a fool. I mean, even Trump had promised to pull out of the country if he were re-elected…..So some of this is on you. Yeah, you might have expected more warning, but really, this is on you if you are stuck in the country.

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