the ’27

Here are a few photos….and a movie.


It runs, and actually runs well. Still getting all the rust out of the fuel system, so it has modern fuel filters in the fuel lines, and the hood is sitting on the roof, as I am still working in the engine bay.


But, it runs, drives, stops…has oil pressure and the radiator holds water. the charging system works….much better than when it arrived a few years ago.

The paint is rough, but the body and frame are solid, and the wooden wheels seem to be pretty tight. The windows are not perfect, but much better than one might expect for a car that is 94 years old.  I need to find a key for the switch, if I can, and (thanks to commenter “Grog”) now I have the wiring diagram on the way, so soon, it will have lights and be  be road worthy.



4 thoughts on “the ’27

  1. It was no effort to look for the wiring diagram, but you are welcome. Excellent pictures and video, the engine sound is very smooth, is there no way to drain the fuel tank?

    • Tank has been drained and flushed, but it is hard to get rid of the small rustp particles once they are there without coating the tank. It is a par ot Old Iron, cars and tractors and such.
      Not like you can get a new tank easily, and taking it down to power wash it has it’s own perils.

      Filters are relatively cheap. like $3 each. and the rust slowly fades away as you run the car and it gets caught in the filters and flushed out of the tank.

  2. That is so cool!
    I love it!
    Boy howdy it’s a labor of love but it very definitely looks and sounds healthy enough to warrant the effort. Good onya for bringing it back to life!

  3. Outstanding! Glad that progress is being made, and you’ll soon be tooling down the road in it!

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