So last year, we heard all about how those dirty bikers at Sturgis were gonna cause a superspreader event and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths from Covid…..

Of course, that didn’t happen, but Trust The Science.


And this year, we are hearing the same old story. Could cause a quarter million deaths from the Delta variant. Blah, Blah, Blah. Yet lots of other gatherings are OK. Ferinstance, Lollapalooza in Chicago was an Approved Gathering, so no worries about Covid Superspreader events there…even though over 100,000 people stayed in even closer proximity for 3 days…

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is bussing thousands of illegal invaders immigrants picked up at the southern border and spreading them throughout the country without even a Covid test, much less a “vaccination”……

2 thoughts on “Superspreader!

  1. of course there is the gay gangbang event in mass. that infected almost 500 partygoers, 75% of which were vaxxed. that is the event the cdc used to order masking for vaxxed people. i hear them calling for lockdown again even though their own study showed people got infected from family they live with or intimate relations with.

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