If they ignore the Courts, why shouldn’t Texas?

For that matter, why should you and I follow the laws?

Do we have a Nation of Laws, or a Nation of Anarchy?

So a Federal Judge decided to let the Customs and Border Control folks resume transporting Illegal Immigrants to communities around Texas…despite the fact that Texas Governor Abbott had an Executive Order making that illegal (note that these illegal immigrants are being transported to towns without Covid testing, without quarantine…endangering public health in Texas….and spreading the disease that the Federal Government claims is a deadly threat to all Americans.


Now, a question: Since the Biden administration is ignoring the Supreme Court of the United States regarding the illegal CDC moratorium on evictions (The CDC has no power to order such an action according to the Court, and Congress has not passed legislation for a moratorium on evictions) and has still enforced and allowed the Moratorium to continue, damaging Landlords financially (no rent paid)…..Why should Texas obey the order of the Western District Court? The Feds have ignored an order from an even higher court, so why should an order from a lower court have any sway?

Either we have the Rule of Law, or we don’t. If not, fine, let us play by those rules. But they can’t have it both ways. Either the Courts and the Law are obeyed, or they aren’t. No “Pick and Choose” here. Either the rule of law is the way we and our society¬† operate, or there is no law.

Pick one. I sincerely doubt that the Federal Government will like it if their laws have no power….but that is how they apparently want it. If so, then if the laws don’t apply to the Government, then they don’t apply to you and I as well.

Anarchy is what happens when laws have no power.

This oughta be fun, in a wild and crazy sort of way.

4 thoughts on “If they ignore the Courts, why shouldn’t Texas?

  1. Seems fair to me. I await the locality with the intestinal fortitude to actually do such a thing. Of course, if the shoe were on the other foot, no doubt the leftists would jump all over this, with the media waiting there to televise the entire thing, for the good of the nation, of course.
    Of course, it goes without mentioning that I am not awaiting while holding my breath.

  2. the rule of law is EQUAL justice under the law. there hasn’t been any of that for decades. the election was proof positive that even the highest court, our last vestige of free and equal society, was tainted. that was my cue. i am an american outlaw, not without moral bounds but no longer restrained by their laws. i have withdrawn my consent to their “representation” and thus their “laws”.

  3. The rule of law died a horrible death on July 6th of 2016 when comey said he would not prosecute hillary.
    The only laws I have obeyed since then are the ones I thought I would get busted/caught for ignoring.

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