So the 1927 Chrysler model 50(58) runs, drives, shifts, has (sorta) brakes, pumps it’s own fuel and charges it’s battery.

So far Dad has has driven it about 3 miles, and has gotten up to 23 MPH. (limited by the parking lot that is convenient to where it is being worked on….)

But it work! Runs and drives! Holds water in the radiator!


It is a GOOD THING that I put small inline fuel filters in between the tank and the (never to be sufficiently damned) vacuum fuel pump, and between the fuel pump and the carburetor….the amount of crud that they have collected is impressive.

Now the fun part….making the lights work without a wiring diagram or a key for the electrical (ignition) switch….

Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Success!!!

  1. Awesome. I just ordered it.
    I had done a search, but somehow missed that.

  2. It’ll be a while before pictures, I mean to get some, but things progressed quickly. Now it’s back in the barn, so no easy way to take pics.

    But as soon as I can….

    • I had seen that…it is for an “80” which is a much bigger car with a different engine. Some data is useful, but most not.
      Thanks though

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