Isn’t it interesting

How all those women suddenly decided to tell their horror stories about working with Cuomo All At The Same Time….


Odd that, Innit?

Almost like someone had orchestrated it.

6 thoughts on “Isn’t it interesting

  1. think they want to install aoc in his spot? keep her from unseating shumer.

  2. This was a move to keep Cuomo from being a Presidential candidate in 2024. He would possibly beat Biden and certainly beat Harris for the Demo nomination.

  3. I don’t like Cuomo. That being said, “due process” is dead. A woman can now say you raped her, and instead of her having to prove you did, you need to prove you didn’t…

    THAT being said, the “metoo” movement, set into motion by the Left to snare Conservatives, has again snared one of its own… Good times…

  4. Could it be safety in numbers? Tara Reade, fingered by Joe Biden, struck out on her own. The MSM tore her to shreds. Maybe in Cuomo’s case one victim came forward, was not destroyed right away, giving other victims confidence to come forward?

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