You can blame Liberal policies for this murder….

So two “teens” try to hijack a 75 year old Vietnam veteran…(South Side of Chicago, no surprise there….)

He resists, so they beat him so bad that he died. People on the scene¬†who witnessed the crime pointed police to the perpetrators….(gave names and where they live, according to sources).

But here is the thing….these young “Teens” were, and have been criminals for a long time….Our 18 year old was on probation for carjacking already….and that wasn’t his first encounter with the Chicago Police….and the 17 year old was no better.

And now an elderly man is dead because he and his 17 year old “Juvenile” accomplice were on the street despite multiple previous crimes. Liberal policies designed to decrease the number of young black men in jail.

And one wonders why THIS 17 year old is a “Juvenile” when lots and lots of 15 year olds are charged as “adults” for similar or lesser crimes.

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