So what is the shelf life of Heroes?

I mean, since we, as a society find it acceptable to desecrate the statues of heroes and/or prominent figures from our past, what is an acceptable time frame? How long should they be honored before we then find it acceptable to damage/destroy/pull down or remove statues of people from our past because they are currently in disfavor ? 50 years? 100 Years? 75 years? What is the time frame?

I ask this because, since the Mob finds it acceptable and desirable to remove and destroy statues of historical figures, like civil war generals, past presidents and even Christopher Columbus in a paroxysm of hate, how long until THEIR revered statues can be removed and pulled down? I mean, it has been more or less 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr was killed….is that enough time for it to be acceptable for us to attack his statues with sledgehammers and tow ropes and pull them down from their pedestals and plinths and break them into pieces? DO we have to wait a certain amount of time for their heroes or revered figures to become non-PC enough for destruction of their monuments?

Asking for a friend and all that.

3 thoughts on “So what is the shelf life of Heroes?

  1. i think its when the children of those involved pass on. it gets taught less and less until nobody knows what that guy on the horse did, nor care.

  2. King is about the only civil rights activist who deserves the respect rendered by a statue…

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