(More of an observation, really)

The Customs and Border Patrol folks have been rounding up illegal border crossers (that is undocumented migrants in Liberal-Speak) at the southern border….and shipping them via bus and airplane to cities all throughout the US….these people get no quarantine and no Covid test of any kind before boarding their transportation into the interior of the US….and, of course, no “vaccine” either.


Has anyone tracked the “outbreak” of new Covid cases vs the areas where these untested illegal aliens are being placed?

I tried and could not easily find data to correlate the two.


I wonder…..


ETA: And yes, it is happening. 

How many people did they infect? Is this where the rise in cases are coming from? Part of the answer?


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  1. Aside from spreading COVID, they’re spreading IAVD; the “Illegal Aliens Vote Democrat.”

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