It is amazing

Apparently, due to covid (or maybe the Delta Variant) we have had zero reported issues this year (and last year too, I think) of West Nile Virus. Much like Flu, thre is suddenly no deaths from this disease.


Odd, that.



2 thoughts on “It is amazing

  1. and zika is long forgotten as well. remember that one? yet, the morons in govt just released millions of mosquitos in an effort to kill the zika carrying mosquitos. that ought to work out just fine, eh.

  2. I do remember Zika. Blamed for all the Microcephaly issues in South America. Lots of screaming and crying over that.
    Funny how that stopped when they quit putting Insect Growth Regulators in the water supply innit?
    And then the whole Zika fearmongering just faded. Not to zero, but faded.
    Of course, now the big fearmongering is the Delta Variant of Covid. (Which is apprently more asily transmitted but less lethata).

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