Funny,,, I remember them telling us that last year

Remember last year, when part of the excuse for forcing everyone to wear a mask was that the Coronavirus-19 was terribly contagious and dangerous and was even more contagious than the common cold? More than the flu?


Now we are told that this new strain, the Delta strain is even more contagious than the Common cold or even the flu….and also that it might make people even sicker…..

Of course, they are also claiming in the article that this is causing a rapid increase in cases and deaths…but the numbers tell a different story…..our case count is still lower than it has been in a year, and deaths are lower than they have been since the start of the outbreak.

So are the healthcare spokespersons lying, or the media lying….or both. Further, since the original coronavirus was supposed to be incredibly contagious, and now we have the NEW! Improved! Even MORE Contagious! version …were they lying then, or are they lying now? Or is it just a fearmongering tactic since they can’t seem to get the other half of the country (myself included) to take the covid vaccination treatment.??

You can expect folks to believe you until they find out that the First time you cried WOLF! you lied…Seems to me that there was lesson like that in some stories the parents told me when I was a ci…..and the Media and the CDC never learned.

I’m still waiting for my apology Fauci and theĀ  the CDC for their original prediction of 4.6 Million dead…based on really BAD data and a really bad model….and they haven’t apologized for that nor their other bad predictions. Instead we get NEW! Improved! Bad Predictions. of the same old repeat of the same old fear lines.