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Enough of this bullshit. Few people killed by cops are on their first encounter with police, be they black, white, or any other color or race.

These people killed by cops are, while perhaps a loss to their friends and family and a tragedy, are not a great loss to our society. Whites get killed (at nearly twice the rate) doing stupid criminal tricks too, and few outside of their family or friends notice or care. And even when whites get killed by cops for resisting or otherwise, their (white and hispanic and asian) family and/or friends generally admit that they were part of their own demise because of the lifestyle they lived.

Not so with black men. They are never to blame for some reason, despite their lifestyle, their criminality and their actions and behavior. They were always “Turnin their life around” or somesuch…But they were criminals and scofflaws….and that gets them in trouble.

Fact is, Duante Wright was the ultimate cause of his death. Had he not been a criminal, he might have been able to find a job. Had he not robbed people. he’d not have been on parole. Had he chosen to show up to talk with his parole officer, he’d not have had a warrant. Had he bothered to either pay his registration for his car or chosen not to drive with expired tags, he’d not have been pulled over and the cops would not have noticed that he had a warrant. Had he not resisted, there would not have been a struggle wherein the cops decided to taze him….and there would not have been a mistake where he was shot and later died.

He made those choices. Each and every one of them. And whoever birthed him and raised him failed him…they didn’t teach him to follow even the most basic rules to live in our society.

And he and his ilk are not a loss to our society….Be they black or asian, white, or hispanic. Failures of parenting or failure to simply learn to follow the rules of society, or for whatever reason, they are no great loss to society as a whole.

George Floyd made choices also. He chose to be a criminal, a turd, a less than stellar citizen. He chose to resist. And now the Country has to pay for his bad choices. Mr Chauvin has to pay for the choices too….

It is time for the Media and the Social Media to stop revering these criminals when they get killed by police.Sometimes it is because the criminals (black or any other race) make the decision to resist, escalating until things get lethal. We need to accept that, that police are left to do a shitty job with shitty people…and sometime to deal with those shitty people takes lots of force….sometimes too much.

At what point should police just let the situation go….if the suspect or arrestee fights backĀ  enough, should the cops simply walk away so the suspect doesn’t get hurt? Is that really a good idea?

Further, it is time to admit that Black People kill Black People at a higher rate than the police do….Do more crime than other demographics as well. …Perhaps, instead of revering the Thug lifestyle, they should try following the laws of society…..those who do tend to follow the rules (black or white or whatever) are pretty much successful and seldom, if ever, get shot by police.

If we’d stop popularizing these criminal people, perhaps the rest would get the message.

Or not.


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  1. Let’s be clear. Derek Chauvin is going to pay for the choices HE made and the actions HE took.

    Sure, George Floyd resisted (although seemingly not until Chauvin arrived on scene), but Chauvin decided to apply lethal force for a full three minutes after Floyd showed no signs of life let alone any sign of resistance.

    The idea that Floyd overdosed on fentanyl was debunked by the prosecution’s expert witnesses. So much so that the defense really didn’t pursue that avenue, instead choosing to try to raise reasonable doubt by citing Floyd’s proximity to a car’s tail pipe and elevated levels of carbon monoxide in his blood. Unfortunately for Chauvin, the jury didn’t buy that argument.

    So while I agree that Duante Wright and Floyd are not saints and made bad decisions to resist, I don’t believe that resistance becomes an automatic green light for the police to use deadly force. My understanding is that police are trained to determine the level of force needed in a situation and then apply that level of force.

    In Wright’s case, the cop chose correctly, but didn’t implement correctly.

    In Floyd’s case, Chauvin chose incorrectly, erring on the side of excessive force, and will pay for his mistake.


    • I have several friends who are coroners or MD’s, all of whom have seen the coroners report on Mr Floyd. They disagree with your statement that the Fentanyl was not a factor. It would have killed him in fairly short order if it was not the primary cause of death It was likely the reason he “could not breathe”. I’m not going to argue with folks that know more than I about narcotic toxicity. I’m not sure what biased outlet you are getting your “facts” from, but they obviously don’t match wtih reality. It might be that you dislike the idea that Floyd was a dead man walking anyway, once he ate the pills, but while you don’t like the idea that he was gonna die either way, that does not change the facts. I know you think all black men who are killed or injured while resisting arrest are choirboys, heroes and victims, but that is a pollyana viewpoint. Most are turds and carreer criminals that have been in trouble with the police before.

      It must be nice to live in your world where everyone but the cops are fine upstanding citizens.

      • I’d be curious to see if your doctor and coroner friends would change their stories any when under oath under threat of perjury. Doesn’t really matter. My lawyer friends explained to me that the reason Chauvin’s defense team didn’t pursue the fentanyl angle was because the prosecution’s expert medical witnesses brought the original coroner’s report into question and so thoroughly debunked the idea of a fentanyl overdose that they left no opening for the defense. I’m not going to argue with folks who know a lot more about legal strategy than I do.

        But the only fact that really matters about this case is that Chauvin was found to be guilty of all three charges. If the one juror who has spoken publicly is to be trusted, they deliberated more about confusing juror instructions than the actual matter of guilt or innocence–the case being so clear cut (12-0 in favor of guilty on the 2nd degree murder charge in their initial ballot!).

        B said, “I know you think all black men who are killed or injured while resisting arrest are choirboys, heroes and victims, but that is a pollyana viewpoint.” I’ve never said or suggested this in any of my comments on this or any other blogsight. Pretty weak of you to put words in MY mouth to further YOUR narrative.

        Finally, I think it’s sad that you think I’m anti-cop simply because I think cops should be held accountable for the decisions they make and the actions they take. You know, like pretty much every other employee in every other job. You owned a business; didn’t you hold your employees accountable?


        • I did hold employees accountable, as much as government regulations allowed me to. (mostly I couldn’t because Poor downtrodden workers and all that…the most i could usually do was fire ’em, as discipline was anathema to the labor board.

          And I never said you are anti cop. I just pointed out that your rhetoric sounds that way. Why is it, however, that you think that cops should be held accountable, but people like George Floyd, who reisted (and started this) should not be held accountable for THRIR actions? How much force is allowable for someone who resists arrest? Who
          fights back against the cops and IS a threat? Do you really believe cops want to fight with people they are arresting? DO you really think this is all on the cops?

          Legal strategy is one thing, Autopsy results are another. I know who I would trust to find the truth. Lawyers vs doctors…..One has a bad reputation, the other not so much.

  2. B said, “It must be nice to live in your world where everyone but the cops are fine upstanding citizens.”

    If you aren’t suggesting “anti-cop” with this statement, then how should I take it.

    And I’ve never said that George Floyd shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions and decisions.

    B said, “How much force is allowable for someone who resists arrest?”

    This is what I am trying to get at. As I said above, my understanding is that police are trained to determine the level of force needed in a given situation. I don’t necessarily believe that resistance gives an automatic green light to deadly force.

    B said, “Do you really believe cops want to fight with people they are arresting?”

    I have actually witnessed this very thing. I’m not suggesting it happens often, but it does happen.

    B said, “DO you really think this is all on the cops?”

    I’ve never said this or anything close to this.

    Shooting the shit with doctor friends is one thing; testifying in a court of law is another. I know which one I would trust. One is under oath, the other not so much.

    Finally, B said, “I just pointed out that your rhetoric sounds that way.”

    Maybe if you read what I actually write . . .


    • Perhaps YOU should read what you “actually wrote”.
      Most of it sounds like a pedantic liberal asshole looking for an argument.

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