Odd coincidence, innit?

I mean, we get the news of “another school shooting“, this one in Knoxville.

Funny how we never heard much on the national media about those shootings that apparently happened when there was no Gun Control legislation being pushed, but now that the push to Do Something about Gun Violence is happening, all these shooting pop up in the media..  (They may well have been happening, we just never heard much about them….) funny how that works….

OF course, this level of violence isn’t even a rainy Wednesday night in Chicago (for comparison)….

And, oddly, we have no early information about the shooter. Genereally they can’t tell us quickly enough how it was a white man with an “assault weapon”…. Makes me wonder…


3 thoughts on “Odd coincidence, innit?

  1. Shooter is a student who brought a gun to school. Student body is 80% black. Surrounding area very rough. Four students shot off campus in last year.

  2. yep. but they tried their best to whip up the masses w/ misleading headlines. “multiple people shot by mass gunman.” i’d foia the report to see if officer fife got shot by his buddy, not the suspect. they reported “suspect surrounded”. circular firing squad?

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