How to get shot by police:

While there are many ways, a GREAT way to help that process is to resist arrest. And, of course, fail to follow the rules of society in general…

Say, if you were to be driving a car with expired registration….and get pulled over….and then, when they run your name they find out that you have an outstanding warrant…..and then you resist arrest (the last is the key here).

Yep, that’s the latest shooting in Minnesota…..Dude was driving a car with expired plates, had a warrant because he HADN’T BOTHERED to show up and talk with his Parole officer for two scheduled visits…….and then decided to get froggy with the cop who was gonna take him to jail. (She, apparently, pulled the pistol rather than the tazer, with very bad results).

So Mr Wright’s brother told the media that he had “Just begun to Turn His Life Around”….sounds like it. Sure. Maybe…if you squint…..

Apparently Turning your Life Around is nearly as dangerous, although for different reasons, as Stannin’ on De Cornah Mindin’ my Own Bidness….

Had he paid his registration and not ignored it, he’d likely not have been pulled over. Had he shown up at his Parole Officer meetings and not blown them off, he’d not have had a warrant. Had he not resisted but instead cooperated, he’d likely not have been shot.

But to point that out (the Media certainly won’t) is, of course, Racist…..because expecting a black man to follow the rules is, of course, also racist. Few of thse incidents are the first time a person has interacted with police….

But the media and the BLM activists can only focus on the fact that Black Man was shot by a cop. Not why, or how, or what led up to it. Race doesn’t matter, until (apparently) it can be used to rile up black people. If the media would lead with something else, like how he was complicit in his own demise….

Nah, expecting black men to actually follow the rules and behave is expecting too much, I guess.


ETA: Quote from the “News” this morning:

“You should not get shot because you have expired tags on your car”… (nice misdirection)

Nope, but you get shot when you resist arrest…..