Off by a month

So My Prediction was for mid April…and for three times as many shot. Having said that, innit interesting how it happened in the first quarter of the first year of the Presidency of Slow Joe…more or less as we predicted. I mean, one has to have a crisis to exploit it, right? I’d bet that this is just the first of many incidents.


Perhaps the folks in Boulder were lucky…or perhpas the guy the DNC chose was just incompetent….Or maybe they had to rush things.

I dunno.

One thought on “Off by a month

  1. Isn’t it amazing how there’s always a mass shooting right when there’s a big “gun control” push on?

    Also amazing how a Syrian-born Arab, who has professed allegiance to a known terrorist organization, shoots up a place known to be frequented by those of the Jewish faith and it isn’t terrorism or a hate crime.

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