How long??

I mean, Biden is already talking about a ban on “Assault Rifles” and other restrictions on gun owners and Second Amendment issues….

We should start a pool on when there will be a mass Shooting Event featuring “AR-15 style” rifles and “High Capacity Magazines”. There will be, you can bet on it. THe question is When and How Many.

I’ll take a square for Mid April. 33 shot.

It is odd that there have been none (at least none hyped/publicized/sensationalized by the media) in the last few years….they all had the BLM (Mostly Peaceful) protests and other “Racial Inequities” to sensationalize and stir the population up about instead. But now that the election is over and they need to try to get rid of guns and demonize gun owners……

Place your selections in comments.

4 thoughts on “How long??

  1. Yeah; you can see the props being moved into place for the next act. They can’t go after “Orange Man Bad” anymore. Time to move on to the next method of pummeling the Right; “comprehensive” “gun” control… Probably Vegas, or maybe an indian casino. Hell; those are the only two places where enough people to gather in one place to stage a “mass” “event…” I take that back; maybe Wally World…

  2. This year will be about Covid, immunizations and and recovery, next year Biden will go after guns so that’s when the next mass attack will take place.

  3. It takes around three months to turn the brain into pliable material using modern psyops drugs . That makes it April 16th . School shooting . They’re more glamorous .

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