Most Congressional and Senatorial business are largely bullshit….

And this “Trial” for impeachement is moreso than most.

A blind man can see that this is not Constitutional, That this is a Show Trial…..a Kangaroo Court.

The outcome of the vote to impeach was never in doubt. It is a Witch Hunt, at best.

Donald Trump may have been smarter to not bother to respond. Not deigned to recognize the charges. Simply ignored them.

If they had wished to charge him with Sedition, perhaps….(not that they could make it endure)…But this is merely an attempt to make sure he is not a threat again in the future, and a way of damaging him in the present. At the end of it, the Congress (and now the Senate) is showing that they are not a body of honorable statesmen (and women) but rather a group of partisan hacks. Twisting the Constitution in such a manner, for vindictiveness, will not gain them any credibility, except with those who are completely partisan and uninformed (which may be a large part of their base).

No matter what the outcome, they have damaged their own credibility, not only in the eye of folks like me, but in their own Faithful.

Further, if they have no repsect for the rule of law, or the Constitution, why should I have any respect for them? Why should they, whose authority derives from that same Constitution have any authority over me and my fellows? Since they care not for the Rule of Law as derived from that document, why should I give that deliberative body any credence? Cede any authority to them?

In the end, whether they actually impeach President Trump or not, they lose.

4 thoughts on “Y’know….

  1. I find it sad that, instead of having the judiciary branch of the government decide the constitutionality of the latest impeachment farce, our legislative branch decided to “vote” on the constitutionality of the impeachment process.
    I also find it disturbing that the left found a technicality. They claim that since Trump is no longer a sitting president, they don’t need Judge Roberts to oversee the impeachment. SO, instead of an impartial judge, they are having a democrat senator in charge of the circus. A democrat senator that voted to convict Trump in the first impeachment circus.
    Not surprised at all that RINO Mitt crossed over and voted to let the idiocy proceed. I am ashamed at myself for voting for Romney and will never make that mistake again. I actually voted against Obama, more than for Mitt, but, I will vote independent if it falls between Harris and Mitt.
    The idiots on both sides of the aisle are bound and determined to fix it where Trump can’t run again. I actually hope he runs as an independent in 2024. If anybody can actually win, and thus have the dems and republicans lose, it would be Trump. It would also actually legitimize the third party. And I can almost see the look on the faces of all the congress critters of both parties, all slack jawed and amazed.
    I will look on the bright side though. If they are having this silly trial, it prevents them from voting for more of Biden’s picks, or voting on any of the left’s bills.

  2. I’ve said it for decades; “If the law stands for one, it must stand for all. If the law doesn’t stand for all, then it stands for none.” Remember that, “Congress,” as you try to ram “gun” control down our throats… You folks truly BLEW IT this time…

  3. O’l NFO:
    Sadly though, the RNC tyopes don’t bring it when it is their turn, they STILL fold to the Dems, even when they ahve the upper hand.

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