The NeverEnding lie:

You should read THIS.

it has been a year, a year of ever changing narrative, of evercahngin metrics, and a year of ever changing goalposts.

One wonders….why? What is the real reason?

At what point do we say “No!” to all this manipulation?

6 thoughts on “The NeverEnding lie:

  1. Here’s a lie. We have actually ever been in lockdown in this country.

    You yourself have posted on this blog about the haphazard decision-making process as to which businesses remain open and which are closed (by the way, I agree completely with your criticism on this point). You’ve bemoaned the fact that mass transit has remained in operation. So I guess we haven’t really locked down, have we?

    When I think of lockdown, I think of images from Wuhan where the only people out in the streets were government officials in full hazmat gear delivering food to residents stuck in their homes. I think of Italy where people were only allowed out of their residences to get food and they strictly observed social distancing and 100% of them wore masks and there was serious enforcement for violations. The US has never been anywhere near this level of lockdown.

    I have recently heard Dr. Fauci say that if 100% of people would wear masks and social distance, we could have this pandemic under control in a month, but everything I read suggests that at least 30% of the population refuses to wear a mask. Down here in the southeast where I live, that percentage is a lot higher.

    A coach can come up with the perfect game plan to win a game, but if the players don’t execute, the chances of winning are remote.


  2. Fauci keeps repeating that, but it is bullshit, and you know it.
    Masks are marginally effective for exhalations (at best)…..IF (and it is a big if) they are worn properly….. Few black people cover their nose, for instance. Lots of whites don’t either. Beards and nustaches add to the ineffectiveness. Plus many have exhalation valves, which makes them even less useful. As a filter for air intake, they are a joke. If you don’t realize that, then perhaps you weren’t paying attention in science class in high school.

    Further, if we pushed handwashaing/sanitizing, it would likely do more.

    Remember, Fauci stated unequivocably aboiut 12 months ago that “Masks are ineffective”. ….those same masks that he now touts as the pancea..Fauci is a tool, a politcal animal, and does not use science (as most of us define it) in his pronouncements.

    You fail to address the changing metrics and goalposts.

    • “. . . changing metrics and goalposts.”

      I would call it our evolving knowledge of the virus. It’s what happens when one encounters something new.

      Maybe you should remember that since about last April, Fauci and most medical experts have been very consistent:
      –wear a mask,
      –social distance,
      –wash your hands,
      –quarantine if you have a fever or show symptoms,
      –avoid others who show symptoms, especially in enclosed spaces.

      As to whether masks are effective or not, I’ll just remind you of how butthurt you got when the link you cited last summer about their ineffectiveness was changed (the new link showed growing evidence for their effectiveness), and I called you on it.

      As for people not wearing masks properly, that just proves my point that we as a country have half-assed our response to this pandemic.

      You keep saying the goalposts have been changed, but that only really happened in the first two months. Since then the experts have been pretty consistent.


      • I am sorry for you that you cannot see the inconsistencies and changing goalposts (and changing metrics in data) happening as this “Pandemic” progresses.

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