Really good advice for my readers in the south:

If you rarely drive on snow, just pretend you’re taking your grandma to church. There’s a platter of biscuits and 2 gallons of sweet tea in glass jars in the back seat. She’s wearing a new dress and holding a crock pot full of gravy. @KevinHarned @BGoodeWAVE3



Yes, it is from 2018, but it is still true today.

Or even better: Just stay the hell home and that way you won’t damage your car, yourself, or anything or anyone else. You southern types (mostly) really just can’t drive in ice and snow, so don’t try…..

We have the same sort of carnage (to a lesser degree),  the first really slippery day here in the north until people remember to slow down and leave more space in front of them….

2 thoughts on “Really good advice for my readers in the south:

  1. if yankees drive so well, why are all their cars so beat to shit? i hardly ever see one fully intact and dent free. out here in the county we seldom have any problem with snow and ice. the city slickers no matter where they live are another story.

  2. And here in the (farther north) country areas, we seldom damage cars or trucks unless we take ’em off road.

    Just like wherever you are, it is a country vs city thing.

    But no matter what you say, Southerners never learned to drive in ice and snow….not that you can’t you just don’t know how.

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