Probably ’cause it’s a “Red” state:

SO where are the cries from the media and the Dems (but, again, I repeat myself) about the slow and poor response of the Biden Administration in getting FEMA and other agencies to help the folks in Texas?


Asking for a friend….

5 thoughts on “Probably ’cause it’s a “Red” state:

  1. Ask away, but don’t expect an answer. By now, you should have learned that Donks don’t play by their own rules, and they can’t be shamed when they cheat. You should have learned by now from the endless sexual degenerates they have paraded, right up to and including the pedos. (Joe is a pedo, as is his son).

    Until you stretch some necks – these guys will rule America until they run it into the ground. You can try to reason with such people, but they will only see it as weakness and continue to abuse you. Expect things to get much worse before they get better. The lights and power are starting to go out now…so it probably won’t be long…

  2. I understand that it is always warm and pleasant in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela. Residents also get to eat exotic meat like zebra, python, dog, cat, pigeon, long pig and other meats that are rarely seen in US supermarkets.

    Biden probably wants migrants to divert to SPV.

  3. Let’s see.

    The storm started on 2/11. Biden approved the Texas request for emergency status on 2/14. Granted it was for only 77 of the 254 counties, but if you look at a map, you’ll see that those counties cover the majority of the east half of the state (seems it was hit hardest) and all of the major population centers (excepting El Paso, which isn’t on the state energy grid). And the rest of the state is on the table according to the White House if the need is there.

    But tell me, what is slow and poor about the response?

    By the way, while Cruz was trying to get away with a Cancun vacation during the deep freeze, AOC was spearheading an effort to raise over $4 million for Texans in need. Interesting juxtaposition don’t you think?


    • Just like Katrina…Real Help did not get there quickly….ANd since your side blamed Bush, we get to blame Biden for the poor physical response. Signing a piece of opaper isn’t real help.
      But then again, y’all have always had double standards and get all pissy when your side has to live up to the standards you set for the other side, doncha?

      Nice deflection attempt with Cruz, but the standards still remain….and Biden didn’t do any better than Bush. (Note that such help takes time to ramp up, and neither could have fixed it in a day or two)….but that is the standard you’all tried to hold Bush to, so you get to live up to it now….

      • A little memory jogger for you.

        The left didn’t start taking Bush to task for the handling of Katrina until he prematurely gloated about how well a job his administration was doing (“Heck of a job Brownie!”).

        I haven’t seen any evidence of Biden patting himself on the back yet, but if you find something let me know.

        And I wasn’t trying to deflect. It’s just that you and your readership seem to think that AOC is some kind of satan, and yet there she is doing more for Texas than it’s best known senator.


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