Like Global Warming

I will believe that the Covid-19 is a threat to mankind when people and the authorities start acting like it is.

For all the hype about how Covid is still the number one cause of death, and may soon kill 1/3 of the people in the contry, in a few days they are going to allow over 20.000 people to congregate in a stadium (and the lines leading INTO the stadium) to watch the Superbowl. Yes, “social Distancing” and masks and all that…but the best way to prevent this disease is to not allow all those folks to travel from wherever their homes are….and don’t let them congregate and mingle. Simple.

If the threat was a real and severe as they claim, why would they allow so many people to congregate……I mean, they keep crying “SuperSpreader!” whenever a few HUNDRED people show up at a protest, or whenever there is a meeting or ceremony of any kind (among conservatives, anyway)….

Seriously, if the threat is as real as they claim, how could they allow anyone to enter the stadium and congregate there as spectators for the duration of the game?

4 thoughts on “Like Global Warming

  1. This has been my take ever since CA’s “governor” Newsom (Hair gel Hitler) closed all of the churches… but left the casinos open…

    This whole thing has been a steaming pile of Bravo Sierra since the start. Notice; the “case count” on the hallowed Johns-Hopkins website is tilting downward for no other reason than we’re beyond Inauguration Day… ‘Just sayin’…

  2. “If the threat was a(s) real and severe as they claim, why would they allow so many people to congregate . . .”

    You do realize that the medical and healthcare experts who are saying the first part of the above statement have no say in the decision making process that will allow 20,000+ people to attend the Super Bowl?

    That would be the governor and other Florida state politicians (and possibly Tampa city officials).


  3. Except that the Feds have somehow forced the rest of us to live under their edicts of Masks and business closures and “Social Distancing” etc etc etc.. They’ve forced state and local authorities to essentially shut down parts of the economy….closed small businesses, but let large ones thrive.

    I am sure that if they wished, they could shut down the Super Bowl….but they, instead, pick and choose the venues that are allowed to happen and those which don’t.

    If you don’t think that money is a factor here, then you are as much of a fool as you occasionally appear to be.

    • If what you say is true, then last May, when Trump wanted the country to reopen, and certain states resisted, why didn’t he simply force them to reopen? Simple answer is he doesn’t have the authority. He threatened the governors of MI and WA and other states, but there was nothing he could do.

      And even if the Feds could force or influence states’ decisions, we’re still talking politicians. It’s the medical experts that want us to take the virus seriously, but they have NO decision-making power, only advisory status. Some politicians listen, some not so much.

      I’m not questioning the intent of your original post. I’m just suggesting you be accurate with the attribution of statements being made.

      And I’m quite aware that money plays a big role. When Newsome said no fans at the Rose Bowl, the NCAA moved the game to Dallas. DeSantis probably had this in the back of his mind when he made his decision to allow fans at the Super Bowl.


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