I am becoming convinced

That a great number of people think that Steven Colbert delivers news to them, after the “News” program in the late evening….

This is as stupid as those folks who believed that Rush Limbaugh was delivering anything other than an Op-Ed radio show.

Folks: THis is ENTERTAINMENT (if you find it entertaining, I find it irritating), nothing more. It ain’t news, it isn’t there to inform you, it is there to (at best) shape your opinion of happenings in the world.


Seriously, those of you who worshipped Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, and now those of you who believe Colbert has any special insight are idiots.

4 thoughts on “I am becoming convinced

  1. Sigh… MSM has ‘blurred’ reality of what ‘news’ is to the point that it could be understood, especially with the young who are used to 30 sec sound bites and have never seen a REAL news program without an agenda.

  2. You obviously don’t have the same point of view as I do. I listened to Rush Limbaugh both for news and entertainment. Mostly news. I read this site and take your views with a grain of salt. But I still read it.

    • Were you aware of the difference between News and Entertainment/Opinion?
      My point was that many folks apparently cannot differentiate.

  3. Back when the Daily show was pretty new someone did a survey that “proved” the shows viewers knew more about the news than people who didn’t.
    I suspected at the time that even though these people recognized the events and people in the news, they were largely in the Dunning Kruger danger zone where their knowledge was all breadth and no depth,
    The more I observe what passes for reporting today, the more I believe this to be true of news junkies. They are presented with an unending stream of shallow and often skewed information with little time allowed to reflect upon the causes or effects of goings on. Unless they take time to unplug, think, then research and think some more, they are doomed to know, but not understand what is happening.

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