That’s Multi Engine Private Pilot.

Took my (twice delayed due to weather) checkride today. 


I didn’t think it was gonna happen. AWC forecast was for 1500 overcast or so…all day. But Foreflight said scattered 1500 clear below 12K. It started out like the AWC forecast so we delayed an hour. Then aother one. Then we cancelled…..And an hour later it cleared and the other forecast was correct… WX brief insited that it was an anomaly, but it lasted all day)

Either way, The examiner drove down and we did the exam.

It wasn’t too bad. The oral portion of the exam was 2 hours, and was pretty thorough…I had it all down except for one question….the answer to which was found in Part 61 of the FAR’s. 

The flying portion went well. Sadly, not perfect, but good enough (I HATE Steep Turns… Can’t do ’em well in any airplane, especially to the right. But I did it (just) to specifications). The ILS on one engine (surprise!) wasn’t bad, if not the best one I ever did.  The rest was good. The short field landing may have been the best I ever did, single or multi engine plane. Total of 1.1 hours of flying, but it seemed much longer. 

All in all, I didn’t screw up badly enough to fail the checkride. Now I get a new license..hopefully the photo on it this time won’t make me look like Wilbur Wright….

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