I gotta say

 That if Donald Trump does not show up to congratulate Joe Biden on his Coronation inaguration ceremony, that is is a childish act. 

Yes, we know that Joe is an illegitimate President, elected with Fraululent Votes. (and yes, I do believe that)…however, for the next four years (or until Kamala and her people find him incomptent or he is killed suddenly dies), he is the legal President of the United States. 

Not showing up is kinda childish. 

Having said that, so is the idiotic call for impeachement under the 25th amendment. They REALLY hate him, don’t they? 

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  1. Good lord B. Are you a cuck?

    Joe and his whores have done their level best to destroy him for the last 4 years. They've gon after his friends, his business associates and family. A few were fired, lost their jobs, or had their lives ruined by Joe and his people. And that is just for starters. The man is a pedo, his son is a coke head AND a pedo – in what universe do you shake hands with a man like that?

  2. you have got to be kidding. childish? biden is a thief and murderer by proxy, see ukrainian coup, not to mention an illegitimate president and intends on sending more u.s. soldiers to their deaths for his profit, which makes him guilty of high treason. congratulate him? sure, hold out my right hand and shoot him in the face with my left, vigorously. the time for civility has passed.

  3. Glen, You need to look up the definition of the words you are using.

    I stand by my statements. At this point, losing gracefully is the onny course. He's been cheated, but there is nothing he (or we) can do about it unless you are willing to stand up and start shooting. Are you? Feel free to start. Who knows. most of us might even join you. Or are you a Keyboard Kommando? Go ahead, show the rest of us the way….

  4. Losing gracefully, huh? And that’s worked so well for you for the last 20 years, hasn’t it? The left comes out and imposes it’s will, by hook or by crook… and cuckservatives roll over… but by God, they lose gracefully. Every single time. Like gentlemen!!! And they wrap their cowardice up in layers of fake nobility. You’re so brave, B.😆👍 You run with that.

    I would LOVE a few minutes with Biden. I’d give that old SOB the finger, I’d tell him exactly what I thought of him and his fake doctor of a wife, and his pedophile son, and I’d challenge that old bastard to a duel. I wouldn’t surrender to him and pretend that he’s the better man. Trump was elected to protect America from men like that.

  5. Did anyone stop to read it from a different perspective?

    "To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th," Trump tweeted.

    maybe it's not gonna happen???

  6. Articles of impeachment and removal under Article 25 are two separate things. The first involves Congress and the second involves the Vice President and members of the Cabinet.

    Both are silly in the sense that neither will happen. Pelosi and the House Dems will use impeachment as a symbolic tarring and feathering of Trump.

    Hey Glen, when are we gonna see that trial that's gonna expose all the fraud?


  7. Someone is clearly not aware of the hatred for Trump that lefties have. It would be foolish to walk into that pit of vipers. And doing anything just to prove what a good sport Trump is? Totally twisted. Would you ask a woman to kiss her rapist?

  8. I think I heard Biden say that he didn't want Trump there.

    I can't source that at the moment as there has been so much said back and forth that its getting difficult to keep up with.

  9. I think I heard Biden say that he didn't want Trump there.

    I can't source that at the moment as there has been so much said back and forth that its getting difficult to keep up with.

  10. Trump's presence would complicate security matters to hell and gone. I would bet he has been counseled by the SS not to attend. Even if he hasn't, it's the smartest move he could make. Wouldn't it be convenient if his presence provoked such a reaction that he was killed?

  11. Concur with Freeholder. Out of sight is better for him/Melania.

  12. I'm not a Trump drone. That being said, I'm with him on this one. Let the empty head shake hands with the empty chair!

  13. Great Ceasar's Ghost! Seriously? What would finish this spectacle than making an arrest of him and Melania and all the other Trumps right on the Inauguration platform.

    Beware the Ides of January.

    If President Trump is up there, it will be required for every 'follower' to shove a knife into him on public tv.

    Hell, right now, if none of the 'Trump will invoke this that the other thing' rumors come true, the Best place on January 20th, 2021 is for Trump to be in some foreign country, maybe Israel.

    Seriously, play nice with these thieving cowards and jerks and grifters?

    Okay, I do want Trump to be on the Inauguration platform. With a sword, kicking Biden's body off and shouting, "THIS IS THE FREE UNITED STATES!"

    Other than that? Trump needs to stay as far away from those evil Satan-worshiping, child-sacrificing, backstabbing, grifting, evil, two-faced, self-serving puppets of Soros, the Ayatollah and the ChiComs.

    Civility? The last shred of civility left when the Supremes refused to even listen to the potential evidence. When after the great Grift of November 3rd, the same damned thing happened in Georgia on January 5th. When all the media never ever ever ever eevvveeerrrr talked about Biden's corruption or how he got so damned rich on a government salary, about the corruption of Harris, of Pelosi, of Schumer, of Feinstein, of all of them. What about the credible rumors of Roberts going to Pedo-Island? Civility to people who shout openly in the streets that they want me, a descendent of abolitionists on both sides of my family, dead because I sunburn easily? Civility to people who want us to shut down while they have lavish parties and dinners and are allowed to travel? Civility to a politician who openly stated that he doesn't work for us, we work for him?




    F Civility.

    They were shouting for his impeachment before he was sworn in. They started the impeachment process within a week of the National Elections in 2016. Or have you forgotten. And after the House finally voted to impeach him, in early 2020, the actual evidence that was presented to the Senate was…. "we don't like him." That's it. Four years of bitching and moaning and screaming and riots in the streets from DAY F'IN After the 2016 elections, and you want CIVILITY?



    CIVILITY to a party that golf-clapped behind his back, that tore up his State of the Union speech on National Television? To a party that has done every dirty deed short of full-blown assassination? To a party that wants every one of us deplatformed, fired, in the streets homeless, starving, impoverished, dead, erased from all history? To a party that is removing our history, our heroes, our rights (as listed in the Bill of Rights)?

    Somewhere else someone commented that the Dems will now attack the Bill of Rights. Now attack?

    We can't go to church.

    We can't own whatever we want to protect ourselves. Or buy the components to make what we want. (Seriously, got machine tools and a friend asks you to help them fix their pea-shooter? That's a violation according to BATFE. Owning machine tools and having the knowledge to repair.)

    Not be forced to house whomever the government wants to house in your house or building.

    We don't know when the powers-that-be come snooping, they do whatever they want now. Warrants? Evidence? We don't need no steenking warrants.

    Freedom of speech?

    Speedy Trial?

    Freedom to not self-incriminate oneself?

    Freedom to peacefully assemble, with your own damned family on a holiday?

    Freedom to breath?

    Freedom to collect rainwater?

    Freedom to travel?

    Freedom to be openly accused of crimes?

    What Bill of Rights?

    The BoRs is dead, been dead, long dead. Barkey the Lightbringer finished what was left of it.

    Trump was our last, best hope for the galaxy. And we blew it. The Shadows have won. Yay. We're now the Centauri Empire 20 years after the Shadow War.



    I can't fly my US flag without someone yelling at me. I can't sing the National Anthem without being told it's racist and oppressive. I can't wear my Trump stuff for fear of someone following me home and attacking my wife.

    Civility to a bunch of Marxist-Socialist-Anarchists?

    F. Civility.

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