Liberal double standards (Yet again)

 So lesse here…

Parler is suspended from Gogle and Apple app stores….

And by Amazon.

Supposedly for allowing posts that “incite violence”. 

Yet for most of last summer, FaceBook, Twitter and other Social Media sites allowed posts that incited violence for the Burn Loot Murder Black Lives Matter protests…about 40 people, including police officers, died. 

Yet they kept allowing those posts. Over and over again. Fom the same people and groups.  

This is a thnly veiled excuse to silence Parlor. THey won’t use the same standards on Twitter nor Facebook. Were that the case, both of those would be off the App Stores on both Google and Apple. 

But they aren’t. 

Some Pigs are more equal than others. We see this over and over and over.

I expect that Google, which owns Blogger, will follow their past actions in censoring folks on YouTube and start censoring blogs too. 

Don’t be suprised if I go dark soon. 

One thought on “Liberal double standards (Yet again)

  1. Communists always said they wanted to destroy big business. Fascists are entirely willing to work with big businesses.

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