60 minutes

 Lesli Stahl referred to the folks at the Capitol as “Maurading Domestic Terrorists”.

Yep, the left would shit themselves if all the Conservative folks decided to go “Marauding”.     They really have no idea, do they? 

2 thoughts on “60 minutes

  1. No idea at all.

    Even my tiny wife is freaking out.

    Did inventory on ammo, on a fluke put the prices I paid and what it is going for now. Showed her the rather large dollar amount and asked if she thought we should sell half.

    You would think I was wanting to sell one of the grandchildren, needless to say not gonna happen. She actually said we will be needing every round pretty soon.

    So no, when a semi-suburban grandmother is ready, the left and the govt have no clue what they have done.

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