Now that it looks like Joseph R Biden will be President….

And, of course, since that makes Kamala Harris his Vice-President:

 Let me state this up front: 

In the next 4 years:…

Joseph Biden didn’t hang himself like Epstien.

He didn’t commit suicide like Vince Foster.

He didn’t die in a car wreck. 

Probably didn’t die from Covid, either. 

I’m not saying he will die in office…

I do, however, expect that he will suffer some tragic issue which will force him to choose to resign, and step aside for Kamala. 

Bet on it. 


7 thoughts on “Now that it looks like Joseph R Biden will be President….

  1. At a party, when there are far too many drunks and not enough sober drivers, it is possible to have a designated decoy who gets pulled over, ties up the traffic cop and then blows a

    Designated decoy.

    Remember that term.

    Oh, and I completely agree with you.

  2. He isn't there yet.

    Remember, it wasn't until January that Dubya took it away from Gore.

  3. Pelosi didn't discuss the 25th amendment recently to try and get rid of Trump. She was looking forward in time to Biden. The 25th ammendment requires the VP approving of it as well. Pence wouldn't do that to Trump. Harris would do it to Biden while cackling hysterically. No, Biden won't make it far into term and was never meant to. He was just the means of getting a liberal into office. Harris was about the most unlikeable and unpopular runners. That is why she dropped out early. I am sadly predicting a VP Warren as well. I hope I am wrong, but I am fairly certain it will play out pretty close to this. Notice how all of a sudden all the media is actually interested in Hunter's exploits. May be able to get Joe out by tying him into the mess he is probably tied up in anyway. But, it had to time out with getting Harris into being in position to take the reins. I do believe things are going to go very fast and get very ugly.

  4. I'm still placing my odds on old Joe "passing away unexpectedly in his sleep" within 30 days or so.

    Everyone knows he's in the grips of dementia. Everyone knows he's frail.

    A 25th Amendment removal would be unprecedented, and IMHO (!) would arouse suspicions.

  5. edutcher said, "Remember, it wasn't until January that Dubya took it away from Gore."

    Gore conceded the 2000 election to Bush on December 13, 2000.

    My apologies for injecting a fact into the conversation.


  6. I agree with NITZAKHON:
    Even odds Gropey Dopey doesn't even stagger across the finish line and make it to inauguration.
    But even if he makes that line, Sen. Kneepads will finish his term, to an overwhelming likelihood.
    The conga line of hard left nutjobs that'll be waiting to whack Gropey Dopey will make a Dallas motorcade look like small potatoes. Half of DC alone is liable to start shooting at the motorcade leaving the Capitol on Day One.

    The Secret Service should start beefing up now. It's going to be a rough 4 years for them. And amidst all the presidential appointments, I haven't heard a word about the first slate of presidential food tasters, but His Fraudulency will probably be going through them like Kleenex.

  7. Aesop: He ain't president until sworn in…which means side bitch ain't vice president until then.

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