didja ever notice?

 A winter storm that happens in the midwest…say 10-20 inches of snow and some wind…..isn’t news on the national level? 

But let a storm even move towards Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, or Boston and OMFG! Apocalypse! It gets news coverage all over the place. The East and West voast folks could care less what happens in Flyover Country.

2 thoughts on “didja ever notice?

  1. yeah, really. they do this every time. weather channel went on for hours waving their arms and shouting what a disaster it will be, then quietly said "but it all depends, the system is 2k miles away and could be nothing" right b4 the commercial. we're getting rain, was supposed to be 5 inches deep by now. work got called yesterday, that cost me much needed cash.

  2. Try driving around DC/Baltiwhore area with even the slightest dusting and you'll understand. From the pure grocery store panic through the bald tired "I can make it, it's only uphill both ways" and ending with "well I have AWD, no worries at 75mph". It's ugly, and until you've been around it, you won't get the full picture.
    I'm a 4×4, studded winter tires, chains on said tires, and stay home a day before and the week after the storm" kinda guy.

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