The horror:

 I’m seeing lots of video of the surge of travelers at the airports….Those traveling for Thanksgiving. 

Yet, in all the videos, I am NOT seeing much “Social Distancing: in the lines leading up to the folks fondling those travelers screening those passengers. Odd, that. One might think that these lines would be a major place where “Social Distancing” would work best, as tens of thousands of people per hour funnel through this checkpoint, coming from a diverse range of places, interacting with the others, mingling in a line that can last for an hour or more…in close proximity to those strangers….

Perhaps the masking, the Social Distancing is as much Theater as the TSA’s “protection”?

2 thoughts on “The horror:

  1. Difficult to "social distance" when onboard a cramped aluminum tube, eh wot?
    So, the terminal is getting it over with early!

  2. I read somewhere that there was very little chance of picking up the Shanghai Shiver on an airplane… Really? Elbow to elbow, nuts to butts, and we're "safe?" But not so, in church, a restaurant, or a gym… Yeah… Right… "Science…"

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