I guess it is Covid

 But, at least in my area, you really have to work to get a speeding ticket right now. Unless your speed is egregiously over the limit (like 2X or more what the sign says) then the cops tend to not see you. 

How is it in your area? 

2 thoughts on “I guess it is Covid

  1. like the wild west out here in western va. never see anybody pulled over anymore. everybody driving 15-20 mph over, myself included. increasingly rude and incompetent driving as well. the gov mandated police stop enforcing minor offenses that net more minorities so commute getting scary as to junky unsafe vehicles. the death toll has doubled but they suppressed that news quickly. we can't wait to be ride of the gov, but what's coming behind him may be worse. i suspect va, and this country is soon to be one no more.

  2. Be aware. Cops let you have enough rope so when they do enforce you will get whacked.

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