Seen on a car bumper in the Precinct parking lot:

 “Vote Blue/No matter who“.

(She drove out before I could get a photo with my phone)

And that, folks, is why we have people vote for folks like Biden.

I remember a woman who worked for me, may years ago. A lady who had lived and grown up in the South Side of Chicago…where nearly everyone votes Democrat.

She was a product of her generation…..and when the DNC pushed this young black man as their candidate, she hesitated….and her upbringing and life experiences had made her ….untrustful…of black people.

Yet her she was, presented with a BLUE candidate….for President…..who was black….but he had a “D” after his name….She was conflicted. 

I explained to her that I felt that there were many reasons not to vote for Barry Obama…..but the color of his skin didn’t even enter the equations….and it shouldn’t be a part of her decisionmaking process. 

I think she ended up voting for him, not because she believed in his message, but because he was a “Blue” candidate. 

Likewise if you voted for Donald Trump just because he had an R after his name…