Not even pretending

 To be unbiased nor impartial.

I’m watching CBS for election coverage (Not that there is much else on anyway).

Norah Odonnel and Gail King are the anchors…and they and their other commentators are unabashedly Pro-Biden….It’s almost like they are electioneering  for the DNC types…

ETA: They keep bringing up the “Power of Women” and especially “College educated Women” and “White Women” and how they influence the vote….(and they claim that these women even influence the  vote of their men) and how they have changed the election….I dunno.

ETA II: Jesus Christ…Valerie Jarett is a hag. One might think that she would have tried to look better. She looks like a SNL caricature.

One thought on “Not even pretending

  1. I watched live coverage on
    Refreshingly pro-Trump, pro-life

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