Oughta put the brakes on real quick-like:

 Seems that Florida Governor DeSantis has put forth a bill allowing people that own businesses and homes to shoot rioters and looters once they enter the property illegally. 

I figure that this would definitely out a dent into the amount of looting and burning the next time there is a “Mostly Peaceful” protest. 

My Grandfather used to say that if the rabbits or deer were ravaging the garden, if you shot one and left the carcass lay, the others would find another place to go for food. I’m not sure rabbits or deer are smart enough to recognize the danger, but human looters probably are. 


2 thoughts on “Oughta put the brakes on real quick-like:

  1. We walk by a road-killed deer on our daily walk. It has been there a couple of weeks.

    It is interesting to see the scavengers working the carcass down. Based on the attention the dogs spend on the trails, I bet some of the scavengers are canines.

    The smell of the coyote and dog traffic would be enough to make other deer avoid the immediate area.

    I think you could achieve something similar with some chalk and a bottle of ketchup. http://benandkiesha.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/14220394-crime-scene-chalk-line-of-an-auto-accident-with-tire-skid-marks-leading-over-the-body.jpg

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